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Hotmail Error Something Went Wrong

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Posted on: 10/30/18

If you are using Hotmail as your emailing app, then it is possible that you will encounter some issues that will not allow you to use the email account properly.  

Whenever there is ‘something went wrong’ issue with Hotmail, it means there is some problem with the server or it can also happen due to other network and browser related issues. Contact Hotmail Customer Care Number 1-800-279-1380 to ask the technicians about your issue and get the possible solutions.

In order to fix this issue, we have mentioned some of the troubleshooting tips below:

  • Check the Hotmail server status from its website if it is working in your area. If the server will be down due to any reason then it may not allow you to use your Hotmail account. Wait till the issue with the Hotmail server gets resolved.

  • The issue can also arise when there is a problem with your computer and the network. If this is the issue, then use a different computer or network to log in to your Hotmail account. If you are able to sign in using a different computer or network, then the issue is with your computer or network. You can also get in touch with Hotmail Support Number 1-800-279-1380

  • To resolve the issue, you can also try rebooting the router modem and computer. follow the steps given below to troubleshoot your network issue:

  1. Reboot your router, modem, and computer.

  2. Wait for some time to let the connection start.

  3. Now run DNS Flush Command.

  4. If the issue is still there with the network, then try changing the DNS address.

  5. After changing the DNS address, reboot your computer and then try to log in to your Hotmail account again.

  • If the issue is still there, then try changing the alias name to resolve it. If your email domain is MSN, live or then change the alias into to make it work fine. To change the alias name, sign into your email account and then go to account settings. There you will see an option to change the alias. Click on it and change the alias. This will make Hotmail working, like before.

  • Make sure the antivirus you have installed is allowing access to Hotmail and it has not blocked the email client.

  • Try using a different browser to sign in to Hotmail account or you can also try reinstalling the web browser. Doing this can resolve if the issue is related to the web browser.

This will resolve all the technical complexities with Hotmail. You can also call at Hotmail Technical Support Number 1-800-279-1380 for solutions if the issue is still there. We have a team of dedicated and efficient technicians who can suggest you how to handle various Hotmail issues. Also, the tech support is available round the clock so there is no need to wait to get the perfect solution. Call right now or whenever you face issues with Hotmail.


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